Jun 302015

The new generation family games have greatly evolved. Although there are a few that have continued to create  a “spot”or are “favorites” of every family. Passed on by decades, family games became a trend even up to now. The taste or preference of every member of the family will determine the choices of the games they play. Let  us embrace the old and the new family games available in the market.

For 2015, the top 2 best games for the family, awarded during the British Academy Film and Television Arts  were:

Destiny is an action-adventure game wherein the online first-person shooter works together with other players to protect the last safest city on Earth from aliens. There is a character named the Guardian, who transverse  the planets and stars, fighting for one common goal–survival and to keep hope alive. Aside from the amazing graphical design that won the hearts of many consumers, it can be played not only by one but with more than two players. So the family can play together aiming for one finish . There are several characters with different weak and strong points to choose from. Depending on the  player’s abilities, team work is indeed necessary to win this game.

Second best is another exciting game that can be played by the family is a puzzle game. Although there is  only  one character to be played by one, the mind boggling maze makes it a family time game. The members
can help solve the  mysteries and unravel hidden paths. Because it comes with different levels, every stage should be surpassed with a  lot of thinking outside of the box.

On the otherhand, the best loved board games for the family are still a hit for 2015. To name a few who still  rock the hearts of families are:

Name 5 game, a creation of Endless Game is a family game to be played by teams. Each team is composed of 2 or 3 players each. The team who gets to play first will have to answer a challenge to name 5 of the category  stated in the colored card in 30 seconds. If you accomplish the challenge then you place the card in front of you. Each successfully answered challenge is worth one point. The team who has the highest points wins the game. This game requires the cooperation and perseverance of the members to recall names as much as they  can.

Ravensburger Labyrinth is another puzzle game for the family. Each player takes turns to search through the Labyrinth some magical objects and characters through a maze. The players are given treasure cards without showing them to the other players. The first player uses the extra card to start moving the first wall while  the maze cards are placed randomly on the playing board. It is your initiative to strategically move the walls and block the path of other players. Each player can collect treasures as he proceeds. This is indeed a fun  game for the family with full of magic.

The choices of family games will greatly depend on the behavior of the family, if they prefer to go virtual or  can find time to do it indoor or outdoor. But these games always create a bonding time for the family.

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