Jun 252015

Not all “cool” is fun nor all fun is “cool”. Things that are enjoyable or amusing is what they call “Fun Stuff”. But there are different interpretations of “fun” because what is enjoyable or amusing to me might not to be you. Seriously speaking, this is quite debatable or argumentative.

In this generation, fun stuff is interpreted as anything that is fun and almost everybody has it, like it’s a gadget. Since enjoyment is associated with happiness, then kids have different “fun stuffs” compared to adults. Kids enjoy playing games on line. As I have researched, there are hundreds of fun games that can be accessed on the net. And if we speak about fun stuff like gadgets for kids. There are new fun stuff for kids this 2015, one of which is the Xbox One wireless Controller Adapter that works well with windows 10. It is a recently creation from Microsoft, another innovative fun stuff, a gaming console both for small kids and big kids.

Another fun stuff yet useful one is the FiLIP 2 Smart Locator with Voice, for kids ages 4-11. This gadget has a unique combination of a GPS, GSM and Wifi to aid parents locate their child both outdoors and indoors. It also comes with five SafeZones and provides a notification when your child leaves or enters the established SafeZones.

For adults, there is this newly innovated fun stuff called Magic Cube Laser Virtual Projection Keyboard. It is an ultra-portable, yet full sized projection keyboard. It projects a fixed keyboard pattern into any opaque and flat surface projected in a laser form. And works well with Windows Phone 7, XP/Vista/Windows 7 and Mac OS X. So typing is almost effortless according to the makers.

Wocket smart wallet is the first and only smart wallet available in the market now. At your convenience, you can swipe anywhere. This Wocketcard automatically becomes any card that you select. Biometrically locked, your cards and data are encrypted and secured. Rechargeable year long life battery. It can keep you connected with other sources through their mobile and desktop apps. The smart wallet provides convenient online payments, no need to swipe your card to make an online purchase. This delivers better organization of your credit and debit cards with physical signature strip.

This fun stuff yet useful tool for organizations is a new innovation too. iRobot Ava Mobile Robotics is suitable for third party development and can work with various applications. This can be utilized by a wide variety of markets including security, retail businesses, healthcare, manufacturing, logistics and consumer. This iRobot Ava can still maintain interaction(even if it looks like a robot) by providing product chats through connecting to product experts and reviews remotely. For those with logistic businesses, this stuff provides independent delivery of payloads without constraints of a fixed conveyor. And there are more functions and specifications depending on your line of business. What is fun is that it can actually replace a personnel in your organization.

Enjoyment with things can be a whole lot different now. It is fun when it is being used or applicable. It is fun when it is new and oftentimes weird. Or fun because it stands out with technology.

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